About The Quarry at Gillibrand

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we blow stuff up?

Yes! Within reason, of course. And as long as you have a pyrotechnician on staff.

Can we make a lot of noise?

Yes! Scream as loud as you want, fire weapons, crash vehicles. Nobody (besides you) will hear it.

Can we throw cars and other stuff off a cliff?

You certainly can! As long as it's not alive.

Can we film during nights and weekends?

Yep! We actually prefer that since we're a working industrial plant during normal business hours (7AM to 4PM, M-F).

Can we fly a helicopter over The Quarry?

Yes. As long as you bring one, along with all the necessary insurances. Let's talk...

Do you rent any heavy equipment?

Yes! We've got tractors, bulldozers, dump trucks, dirt haulers, water sprayers and more. Let us know what you're looking for, and we'll provide a quote. And if we don't have it, we can help you get it.